QiaoLi Lei History

Qiaoli Lei’s has treated tens of thousands of patients in the past 35 years.  She is  NCCAOM certified and a 5th generation acupuncturist trained in China.

Qiaoli’s success as an acupuncturist is no surprise. Born into the Lei family of physicians, QiaoLi carried on the family tradition by becoming a 5th generation acupuncturist. QiaoLi’s grandfather, Dr. QinFu Lei, (see picture below)

was a great doctor whose reputation grew nationally as he treated tens of thousands of patients and documented his techniques in textbooks for others to share. Many people honored him through their reference to him as a medicine Buddha, a sage. His statue is still displayed in Wuhan China.  It’s said that Qiaoli’s family hold the secrets to traditional Chinese medicine.

She began following her uncle to learn acupuncture and herbal medicine when she was only 15 years old. In similar fashion, she began training her eldest son, Xuan Yi, in acupuncture when he was 14 years old. He graduated Case Western University, Southern California University of Health an Science with a doctor of chiropractic  and master of acupuncture.  He now practices in LA.  He’s wife, Daisy Xia, is currently completing her doctor of Chinese medicine at Southern California University of Health an Science.

QiaoLi formally studied at and graduated from medical school in her homeland, Wuhan,China, where she practiced medicine as an obstetrician in a nearby hospital and taught herbal medicine and acupuncture in the Wuhan School of Health. Always eager to learn more, QiaoLi assisted Dr. Jia-Kang Li and Dr. Yup Yiao, master practitioners in Hubei, China Medical University. Her inquisitive nature and desire to contribute to the advancement of acupuncture and herbal medicine led her to add research to her agenda. The strength of her research and practice were rewarded by the Acupuncture Association of Asia as they awarded her the 2000 Worldwide Chinese Remarkable Doctor of TCM Award for her contributions to the art and science of oriental medicine.

QiaoLi continues her studies in China every year and several institutions including Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and China Academy of Chinese Medical Science CACMS. 

She lectures graduating medical students attending the University of Arkansas for Medical Science every year for the past 14 years.

Qiaoli Lei practices her medical art with great humility, authenticity and sincerity. The relief of her patients’ suffering and healing of their diseases are her goals. Her response to her patients’ “thank you’s” summarize her cultural and spiritual perspective on her work, “It is my duty. That is why I am here.” Her values of respect, gratitude, humility and duty permeate her technique and her relationship with her patients. Summarily, she cares.