Hi, I am Qiaoli Lei!

A 5th generation licensed acupuncturist and herbologist trained in China. I specialize in pain management, infertility, GI disorder, cancer care, depression, and stroke rehabilitation and much more…

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…with appreciation for all of the special attention and care.

Ashley Judd
Ashley JuddActress

Thank you for your care and kindness. You are a very special person. Keep Smiling.

Grover EvansPara-Olympian MedalistKARK news story
Little Rock A Listhttp://littlerock.cityvoter.com/

Acupuncture has benefited my career. Thank you Qiaoli Lei!

Randy LivingstonChicago Bulls

QiaoLi has helped me with so much. She is great!!

Micki Smith

Qiaoli Lei’s skill and intuitiveness has helped me become healthier. She provides a safe and pleasant environment promoting balance and harmony.

Thank you Qiaoli.

Lillian DAttorney and Banker, Little Rock

I have suffered migraine headaches for about 20 years. For the past 10 years I experienced at least one migraine per week. I had tried every preventative measure that was available in main stream medicine, including relaxation therapy with a psychologist. One day a friend of mine suggested acupuncture. So on a whim, I made an appointment with Qiaoli. I am so glad I did. I have been virtually headache free for a year now. I feel better and am able to function normally without the worry of a migraine ruining my day.

Marilyn Eagan

Thank you very much for helping remove the pain from my shoulder and arm! And, now, you’ve helped with my chronically painful knee (the knee that one doctor wants to replace). You may be a miracle worker! I was amazed that “being stuck with pins” didn’t hurt! But, it helps – and did so immediately. I’m telling everyone I know about you and how much you’ve helped me.

Thank you, again!


In 1998 I was undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing many negative side effects.  A friend took me to QiaoLi Lei for acupuncture treatment.  I was pleased when many of my symptoms disappeared or were alleviated under her care, which continued to be helpful long after the chemotherapy ended.

Unfortunately, in 2005, I again had to undergo chemotherapy with even worse results.  Due to a repressed immune system, my body became covered with open sores that two specialists and my family practitioner were unable to help over a period of 3 months.  The itching was so intense that I could only sleep for an hour or two at a time. 

Following a treatment by QiaoLi Lei, I became aware that the intense itching I had been experiencing from the lesions were abating rapidly.  The lesions that had been red and inflamed, turned pitch black.  The change was so rapid and startling that I called Qiaoli into the room.  She simply looked at my legs and said, “Good.  It’s working.”  The rash disappeared in a matter of days!

Today, I am 73 years old and visit QiaoLi as often as I can.  When she asks what I need, I always say, “Give me Qi, please!”  The energy she imports with her needles continues for at least two weeks.  

Fay W.Little Rock, AR

I have been a student of mind/body medicine for most of my adult life, and have had remarkable results with acupuncture.   QiaoLi Lei continues to impress me with her outstanding skills.  Her intuitive ability to accurately diagnose and assist the body in its own capacity to fight off disease and heal is amazing.  Time and time again, QiaoliLei has been there for me.  She has helped me with neck pain, back pain, with complications after dental work, helped me through menopause, with hot flashes, and with insomnia.  When my mother passed away two years ago,  Qiaoli’s affectionate care helped lessen my grief and depression.  I consider  QiaoLi Lei a gift from God, and I feel blessed to know her and have her help.  We are most fortunate to have such a gifted healer in our community.

Suzie H.Little Rock, AR

After trying to get pregnant for a couple of years, we went to the fertility clinic.  I also decided to try acupuncture.  The month after Qiaoli Treated me, we got pregnant with our first child.

Megan H.Little Rock, AR

QiaoLi Lei’s acupuncture skills help my overall health.  We had been trying for 6 years to have a baby and after trying acupuncture we had twin girls!

G. Harris

First Time Patients

The most important thing about Chinese medicine is the to treat the whole body, the yin-yang.   First time patients receive an initial consultation to determine the source and develop a complete treatment plan of their problem.  Treatments can include:

  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Cupping
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Moxibustion
  • Gwasha
  • Qigong

Happy Chinese New Year!
Shie Ji Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture center got good news on the first two days of Chinese New Year. We will have three or more families’ dreams come true to have a baby. Congratulations! Qiaoli is so happy and enjoys working with them - they are so blessed! For those people who have same challenges, Spring season is a good time to address it with natural treatment. In 2017, Qiaoli had great success with IVF patients who used acupuncture and even those who sought alternative solutions first. She would like to suggest for those who have a history of miscarriage, or want to prevent miscarriage, Chinese medicine and acupuncture will be a good source to take care of the issue. It will help to balance your hormones and to reduce stress. Qiaoli has 35 years of excellenct experience taking care of fertility issues.

When you come to see Qiaoli, she will give you an evaluation with pulse and tongue diagnosis in order to decide which system is out of balance. After determining which system is out of balance, the next step is to treat it with acupuncture and herbs to restore yin and yang balance, which helps chi and promotes self healing powers. This will detox the body and harmonize the chi of all five of your systems — kidney, liver, heart, spleen, and lung. The result is a complete and natural healing of the entire body.
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Cold and flu season is upon us, so to recover faster, use herbs and herbal teas (like ginger dates tea, or radish and white parts of green onion with garlic and ginger), as well as the soup below. Acupuncture is also a quick way to detox and prevent these illnesses, in addition to bronchitis and pneumonia, by strengthening your immune system and chi. The flu is more prevalent this year(Fever/ Chills alternate, body ache , cough, headache, extremely weak.....)so arm yourself with these natural remedies. #pnuemonia #flu #cold #naturalhealing #chroniccough #sinusinfection #acupuncture #preventativecare
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It is winter! Over the past 18 years in Little Rock, Qiaoli Lei L.Ac. has helped hundreds of people for cold or flu (not to mention allergy season) with symptoms of cough, fever, bronchitis, asthma, ...

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To all : Happy New Year! It will be great year for your health, prosperity, joy, love and peace! #happynewyear #health #naturemedicine #joy ... See MoreSee Less

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Golden flower , golden fruit in Qiaoli’s yard.
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Do you have holiday stress? Shie ji Acupuncture and Moxabustion may help you to get your Chi balanced. You will have happpy holidays!
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